The Dahut Story

<darobin> Dahuts are animals that live in the Alps (well, at least around Grenoble, I don't know about where pepl is)

<darobin> They look a lot like deers and the such (there must be a name for the type of animal)

<pepl> gemsen

<darobin> their specificity is that they have two legs of one side shorter than those of the other side

<ubu> elk?

<pepl> chamois?

<darobin> (you have left-dahuts and right-dahuts)#

<darobin> yes, like chamois, but they aren't chamois, just distant cousins

<darobin> this peculiarity is because they graze the grass around the mountains, and always go in the same direction

<darobin> circling around the mountain

<pepl> sounds like a monty-python story to me

<darobin> so dahut hunting is rather simple:

<pepl> :-)

<ubu> anyway, the fact that the first thing you mention w.r.t. a saturday night out is a woodland creature is pretty scary.

<darobin> 1) you spot a dahut's track (they leave tracks because they always go round at the same altitude)

* pepl thinks ubi is right

<darobin> 2) you hide in a bush near the track and wait until it comes around

<pepl> sorry, s/i/u/

<darobin> 3) when it arrives, you jump out and shout "DAAAAHUUUUUT!!!!"

<pepl> darobin: shout with a french accent?

<darobin> then the poor beast is startled, tries to turn around, and in doing so finds itself in the wrong way for it's leg length differential

<darobin> pepl: yes

<ubu> wow. the French eqiv. of "Cow Tipping"... who knew...

<pepl> heh

<darobin> thus it falls to its side, rolls down hill and you can catch them and eat them

<pepl> darobin: i'll try this "DAAAHHHUUT" in my town center in a few hours! :-)

<darobin> rather quickly, this ends up before a fire with a lot of warm wine

<pepl> let's see if i'm hungry ;)

<darobin> pepl: good idea, see if it works ;-)

<darobin> ubu: yes, Cow Tipping the french way

* ubu sticks to more urban(e) pursuits.

<darobin> except that in order not to be cruel to animals, we do it on mythical beasts

<darobin> (anyone telling you they've actually seen a dahut has had way too much hot wine)

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<peppl> uups

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<ubu> leave it to the Euros to add an extra layer of creativity to otherwise redneck passtimes :-)

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* peppl liked that "dahut"-story

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<darobin> :-)

<ubu> me too.

<pepl> cu guys

<darobin> cya !

<ubu> later pepl.

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<ubu> *lol*

<darobin> hehehe

<darobin> ok, XML::Filter::Base uploaded to, and message sent to perl-xml

<ubu> collio.

<ubu> i'll hack on SAX2

<->1 tonight.

<ubu> and do the same.

<darobin> ok, keep me updated on your progress so that we don't duplicate work tomorrow :-)

<darobin> cool

* ubu nods

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<ubu> off to go dahut hunting, no doubt.

######### snip ###########

<ubu-lap> but thanks, though... :-)

<pepl> welcome... :-)

<ubu-lap> hmmmm... counting dahuts might work, though.

<ubu-lap> nope. didn't work. all i did was wake the dog by yelling "DAHUT!"

<ubu-lap> *damn*

<pepl> lol


<ubu-lap> apparently its not just darobin that has this odd little fantasy...

<ubu-lap> gotta be a French thing :-)

<pepl> "du côté du 5e arrondissement..." - definitely a french thing ;)

<ubu-lap> i actually found several references to the same basic dahut story that darobin tried to pass off here. one even mention the whole "left dahut" or "right dahut" thing, and speculated that dahuts were born with theier legs the same length, but then one side grew longer as they got older.

<ubu-lap> anyway, enough of this madness, i need sleep (obviously).

* ubu-lap waves.

######### snip ###########

<ubu-lap> catch you later, pepl.

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<darobin> DAAAHUUUT !!!!

<ubu-lap> DAAAAAHUUUUUUT!!!!!

<barries> So what was that dahut story, any way?

<barries> oh, and ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!!

<darobin> BAAAARRRIIIEES !!!!!!!!!!!!

<darobin> hmmm, well

<darobin> what do you know already ?

<barries> zilch. complete zen-mind.

<barries> you can say "bugger off" if it's too much pain/gain...

* darobin makes a note to put the dahut story on his website, after he's created a website

<darobin> well the dahut is an animal that people hunt in the french alps

<barries> ok shorterlegs/longerlegs, right?

<darobin> it is of the same family as those sorts of mountain deers which I don't know the name of in english

<darobin> yes, the legs on one side are a lot shorter than on the other side

* darobin babelfishes

<barries> we have, um, stories about cows like that (Pennsylvania is hilly and covered with farms)

<darobin> well, in this case the legs are really shorter because it's mountains, not hills

<darobin> ok, babelfish knows zilch

<darobin> anyway, you have left-dahuts and right-dahuts

<barries> sorry, ca't hear you, I have a fish in my ear....

<darobin> they have evolved like that because they eat the grass on the side of mountains, and go _around_ the mountain

<darobin> thus, it's only logical for them to have specialized for the evolutionary task

<barries> yup, just like our cow stories :-). heheheheh

<darobin> hehe

<barries> ....which reminds me of the story that a social worker friend of mine tells about

<darobin> so, in order to hunt dahuts, at night, you spot a dahut track (which they leave as they go round without changing altitude)

<darobin> you hide, and when the dahut comes around, you jump out and scream DAAAAHUUUUUUT!!!!

<darobin> the poor beast is scared, tries to turn around to face the danger, finds itself in the wrong direction re it's shorter legs, and tumbles downhill

<barries> a boy who she was assigned to help who liked cows rather too much. but that's another story :-)

<barries> ah, our cow stories don't have such an ending. We pretty much give up when the listener

<darobin> hmmmm

<barries> stops beleiving us.

<barries> literal-minded yankees, we be.

<ubu-lap> now wait, i found info on the Web that suggested that Dahuts were born w/ their legs the same length but that one sidde or the other grew out as they aged. confirm or deny?

<darobin> oh but dahuts do exist barries

<darobin> deny

<barries> so do cows :-)

<darobin> that's an old theory that wanted that dahuts would so evolve because they'd follow they mother around

<darobin> but it really is an evolutionary step, and they are born assymetric

<darobin> which in fact gives them serious problems when they tried to care for their kids

<ubu-lap> there was also considerable speculation about whether or not left-dahut parents could give birth to a right-dahut offspring.

<darobin> yes they do, in fact quite often. It causes them no end of trouble to feed take care of them (they have to keep going around the hill)

<barries> ubu-lap: turns out they do, but the offspring starve, not being able to suckle but twice on their way around the mountain.

<ubu-lap> right.

<darobin> barries: true, though some of them do survive

<darobin> I once saw one of those awe-inspiring (but extremely rare) dahut-fights

<barries> darobin: is it true that milk from the left-handed ones is thought to be evil by the villagers?

<ubu-lap> do tell!

<darobin> two males (one left one right) had met face to face and couldn't move ahead without killing the other

<darobin> barries: yes indeed, it's called lact-senester

<barries> rofl :-)

<darobin> (sinister = left in latin)

* ubu-lap points out that is available, is mildly embarrased that he knows that.

<barries> (yes, I took latin for 2 years, though it didn't really take)

<barries> seems like there should be a sheng-fui of arranging LH & RH dahut meat on platters

<darobin> the fight had to be resolved by a forester shouting DAAAHUUT and having both fall off

<barries> hmmm, memories of tampopo, perhaps need to run to Tram's Kitchen for lunch, mmmmmmmmm pho!

* darobin might as well purchase

<ubu-lap> killing them both. typical.

<darobin> well actually one survived by getting entangled in a tree

<barries> there's some Dr. Suess thing about two obstinate creatures-that-travel-in-straight-lines

<darobin> dahuts often have to resort to falling when there's nothing left to graze on their circle

* ubu-lap nods

<barries> that meet and neither budged. They build highways around them or somehting.

<darobin> hehe

<barries> really, they don't crab-walk up slopes like skiers?

<darobin> barries: there's some sort of sheng-fui indeed

<darobin> no no no, they can't really do that

<darobin> it involves the type of warm wine one drinks after a dahut hunt, depending on the LH/RH that were caught

<darobin> the dahut-falling season is quite dangerous in fact

<darobin> (fall, when there's less grass. They hibernate in winter)

<darobin> forresters often resort to triggering dahut falls away from touristy places to avoid injuries

<ubu-lap> oh, *i see* in the drinking ritual tha happens afterward. the cup is passed to the left ot right based on the types of dahut captured?

<barries> ahhh, the phenomena known as dahutvalanches

* ubu-lap giggles.

<darobin> that, and the actual mix of spice and fruits (left-dahuts are thought to be more fruity, RH more spicy)

<darobin> yes, dahutvalanches indeed

* baud waves

<ubu-lap> BAUD!!!!!!

* darobin pests that he can't find the save log option in kvirc

<barries> oh, um, we're discussing the finer points of XSP vs. XPathScript, glad you could join us.

<darobin> BAUDAHUT !!

<baud> all I see is dahutisms

<ubu-lap> hehehe.

<barries> darobin: I can mail you a log, if you like

<baud> which, for the ill informed, is a story stolen from the scottish re haggis.

<darobin> that would be nice ! I think I should upload the dahut info somewhere

* baud happy at work today...

<barries> I would like to try haggis some time. I like scrapple, so I'm told I should like haggis.

<baud> haggis can vary vastly.

<darobin> baud: you have to be kidding. Everyone knows that the scottish stole what culture they have from the french

<baud> you have to catch your own if you want a good one :-)

<darobin> haggis is great

<baud> darobin: No, you're obviously wrong.

<baud> The scottish have NO culture :-)

<barries> haggis is on my list right after snipe

<darobin> heh

<baud> I've been given $new_project.

<baud> SPAM!

<baud> which rocks.

<darobin> as in sending it ?

<baud> haha

<baud> catching it.


<darobin> I thought as much

<darobin> ubu-lap: any new luck re "Bloody Hell" ?

<barries> baud: that sounds neat. I gave up on SPAM filters when I realized I could never trust them.

<barries> a friend "lost" his VA Linux prospectus in his spam box for a week.

<ubu-lap> darobin: haven't had time to look :-/

* darobin has a spam filter called inbox

<darobin> hmmm

<baud> barries: yikes. I heard that happened to others too.

<barries> yeah, luckily I and a few others pinged him (he's a linux kernel USB developer, we knew he had to have gotten one)

<baud> I'm terribly grateful for that offer. I guess I'll have to be careful to not bin things like that.

<ubu-lap> so, baudster, you were looking for me earlier?

Thanks to darobin for providing this. Something ::coughs:: "happened" to it's former location.